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Plant OperatorFull TimeWater Utilities -Treatment

Hiring Salary: Commensurate with Experience

REQ #: 92551 Position(s)

Supervisor: Conry

Posted Date: 8/8/2014      Reposted Date: 8/29/2014      Closing Date: 9/19/2014

Hours: Must be able to work shift hours: 5:30am-1:30pm, 1:30pm-9:30pm, or 9:30pm-5:30am with mandatory overtime.

The treatment operator is responsible for the quality and quantity of water provided to over 150,000 customers. The essential job duties include: Ensure safe and efficient operation of machines and equipment by: checking the operation of pumps, chlorinators, valves, and treatment plant equipment; diagnosing problem situations and recommending or taking effective course of action; collecting, tabulating, and recording data from flow meters, charts, gauges, and instruments; interpreting the meaning of various indicators; recording all results on daily log sheets; maintaining proper water levels; maintaining flow and distribution by opening and closing valves and gates according to instrument readings and warning lights on equipment and by controlling pumps, motors, and valves to regulate desired flows; lubricating and performing routine adjustments and maintenance on plant equipment. Ensure clarification and purification of recycled water by: calculating and regulating specific volumes of chemicals into water or adjusting automatic devices that admit specified amounts of chemicals into tanks to disinfect and clarify water; and adjusting valves to regulate water through filter beds which remove impurities. Facilitates flow and treatment of water and biosolids. Monitor effectiveness of treatment and clarification process. Coordinating with various groups and individuals within the Water Utilities Department, and interacting with other City Departments, State and Federal agencies. Must perform well under stress and must be able to communicate clearly with internal and external customers in emergencies. Must be at assigned work places during regularly scheduled times. Must be able to perform chemical analyses such as: pH levels, turbidity values, chlorine residuals, and other tests. Must be able to operate specialized software. Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with professionally licensed peers. Must be able to follow written and oral instructions. Must follow City and departmental policies and procedures. Exposed to extreme heat, cold, humidity, precipitation, and dusty conditions. Exposed to moving mechanical parts and various electrical hazards. Exposed to communicable diseases, hazardous chemicals, and noxious fumes and odors from wastewater.


Driver’s License: Valid Class C Texas DL

Education: High school diploma or GED, along with six months additional coursework beyond high school in Water Treatment or in a related field is required (one year of related experience may be substituted for additional coursework).

Experience: Two years of related experience is required.

Certifications: Must obtain Class C Surface Water License within a specific timeframe(two years or less) as well as FEMA and Homeland Security Licenses in Incident Command Systems.

Testing: No testing is required.

Physical Demands: Heavy

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