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Field/ Maintenance

PositionREQ #DepartmentSupervisorSalary
Environmental Inspector9354Water Utilities - LabJunot$13.72 - $26.57/Hr
Equipment Operator (300)9233Streets - Crack SealVoiles$10.19 - $19.28/Hr
Equipment Operator (300)8988Streets - Crack SealVoiles$10.19 - $19.28/ Hr
Equipment Operator (300)9314Parks & Recreation - Right-of-WayGonzalez$10.19 - $14.13/Hr
Equipment Operator (400)9245Solid WasteSjolander$10.19 - $13.86/Hr
Equipment Operator (400)8968Traffic Sign ShopWright$10.19 - $19.28/Hr
Equipment Operator (400)9224Solid WasteSjolander$10.19 - $13.86/Hr
Park Ranger (PT)9350Parks & Recreation - Park RangersSimms$10.97 - $15.23/Hr
Service Provider9284Streets - Crack SealVoiles$9.55 - $11.30/Hr
Trades Worker (400)9351Solid WasteRydl$11.81 - $16.43/Hr
Water Utility Operator9318Water Utilities - Meter ShopPollard$11.81 - $22.60/ Hr
Water Utility Operator9348Water - Wastewater MaintenanceKerr$11.81 - $22.60/ Hr
Zookeeper9358Cameron Park ZooCox$9.55 - $12.16/Hr
Zookeeper - Aquarist9345Cameron Park ZooCox$9.55 - $12.16/Hr
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