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West Nile Virus Update

The Waco-McLennan County Public Health District has received confirmation of a human case of West Nile Virus (WNV). This is the first human case of WNV in McLennan County since 2012.  The patient, an 18 year old male from the 76682 zip code area has recovered.  The Waco-McLennan County Health District will continue to update the community on any human cases.

The best way to protect you and yourself from mosquitoes is to follow the 4 Ds of protection.

  •  DEET  Use mosquito repellant with the ingredient DEET. 
  •  Dawn/Dusk  Avoid the outside at dawn and dusk.  These are the times when mosquitoes are  most active.
  • Drain  Drain any standing or stagnant water
  • Dress  Wear long sleeves and pants to protect your skin.

Other steps include

  • Check for clogged rain gutters and clean them out.
  • Remove discarded tires, and other items that could collect water.
  • Check for containers or trash in places that may be hard to see, such as under bushes or under your home.
  • At least once or twice a week, empty water from flower pots, pet food and water dishes, birdbaths, swimming pool covers, buckets, barrels, and cans.
  • The Culex mosquito is a weak flyer and typically travels less than 150 feet from where it emerges. Talk with your neighbors about removing breeding sites on their property too.  Offer to help neighbors who may need it.


Diabetes Self-Managment Class

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in McLennan County and the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District are hosting a "Do Well, Be Well With Diabetes" self-managment series.   Classes will be held  at the Health District bulding at 225 W. Waco Dr in Waco TX.  The dates are September 15, 22, 29, and October 6th and 13th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

The cost is FREE!!!

Please register at 254-757-5180 or by e-mail at

Click here for the "Do Well, Be Well With Diabetes" brochure

Health District Clinics:

The Health District accepts the following insurance & Medicaid Managed Care Plans:

• Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Superior Medicaid Managed Care Plan
• Right Care Medicaid Managed Care Plan
• Traditional Medicaid

Lead Poisoning Prevention:

Data shows 1.3% of local children have lead concentrations in their blood higher than 10 mg/dL which is double that of the state of Texas at 0.6%.  About 60% of local housing was built before 1980 when lead-containing household paint was commonly used.

Studies show lead-exposed children, or adults exposed as children perform worse than average on tests of fine motor skills, language, memory, learning, attention, and executive function (Lidsky et al., 2006).

Waco Human Environmental Exposure to Lead (WHEEL) Initiative is working to find a solution.  Visit to learn more.

It's Time to Breathe Well Waco!

The Waco-McLennan County Public Health District is excited to announce that our District and Community Services campus is Tobacco-Free!!

For more information about the Tobacco-Free Campus Policy, click here.

You may also find resources for quitting smoking under the Health Education tab.

Community Engagement:

Live Well Waco Coalition

A community coalition dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of McLennan County residents through collaborative community action, education, and prevention.


Healthy Babies Coalition

The Healthy Babies Coalition is a joint initiative by several community agencies, churches and area hospitals formed to decrease infant mortality in the Waco-McLennan County area.












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